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Modern Wall Clocks

Modern Basic Quartz Clock


Modern Wall Clocks

Modern Ocean Wave

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Vintage Wall Clocks

Soledi Retro Gear CL-03 Clock


Pendulum Wall Clocks

Teapot Pendulum Wall Clock


Modern Wall Clocks

The Starman Clock


The Most Affordable Wall Clocks in Australia

We are able to offer some of Australia's cheapest prices on our clock range, as we have the ability to deliver you quality clocks straight from the manufacturer, cutting out the retailer that charges you a bomb on markup. This is how we have gained a reputation in Australia for being able to offer the same clocks you will find in retailers for a reduced cost. Retailers hate us!

Diverse Range of Styles & Colours

We have a huge selection of different styles & colours, for every room and every setting. Whether you plan on hanging your wall clock in the family room, in the bedroom, in your children's room or in the office, we have the clock you're looking for. From wooden, vintage, or a slick modernlook, you can browse the different types of wall clocks we offer using our menu. Looking for a bit of an unusual or quirky clock? We have those too.

Many of our customers have left reviews on the wall clocks you will find online in our store, so feel free to read through the hundreds of 5 star reviews across our range of clocks.

We have year-round sales on a variety of clocks so be sure to check in on different offers throughout the year. We offer Free Shipping on all orders. We have an unbeatable Returns Policy, and we have a friendly team that is ready to be contacted at any time should you have any questions or queries.